CygnusMind ePUB

The portable format of The Native Digital Journal
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CygnusMind ePUB (acronym for "electronic publication" - electronic publication) is an open source resizable format for reading providing you portability and ubiquity on mobile devices online or previously downloaded. The electronic book reading format par excellence, which has become an official standard since 2007 by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and adopted in 2013 as the standard of the International Publishing Association.

  • It adapts to different sizes, fonts and screen.
  • File with extension .epub prepared for the insertion of multimedia content into scientific articles.
  • Ready files for electronic book readers with electronic ink screen (usually grayscale) or backlit files such as those for smartphones.
  • The user sets up, through an ePUB reader, the daylight or night atmosphere to enjoy the reading more.
  • This format makes easier the conversion of text to audio for visually impaired users.
  • Convertible to other formats for reading on devices like Kindle.
  • Compatible for direct loading on OJS.

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