Carry a library on your mobile

Portable, lightweight and adaptive

Enriched Adaptive Reader

Transform time and space enjoying a new reading experience



Designed for scientific literature


Hypertext reading with pop up links

Dynamic navigation between sections


Adjustable font size

Functional for each device

Quick display

Navigation and reference tools

Ergonomically placed

Preview of references and notes

All in the same screen

Image carousel

Browse, download or find them in their context


Increase the communication resources

Web visibility

Eases preservation

Structured XML-based content


What is the cost-benefit of implementing this technology?

Cygnusmind’s technological processes save money and time. We start from the author’s original text, we mark it in JATS XML and we convert it to PDF, HTML, ePUB and Adaptive Rich Reader, in hypertext presentation. This reduces the time for galley control, which is done only once, and the use of technologies, since with a single marking of the JATS XML file, the different reading formats are generated.

Does it respond to the speed of my editorial flow?

The process of marking JATS XML and generating the reading formats takes up 15 to 20 days for a number of 10 to 15 articles on average.

Can I integrate it into my content manager?

Cygnusmind XML files are compatible with the OJS LENS reader. In addition, the reading formats generated from JATS XML are compatible with any content manager.

How are Cygnusmind JATS XML different from others?

Cygnusmind has developed a quality control process that ensures our files meet the highest standards and pass the NISO and JATS4REUSE validators.

Does it suit my editorial project?

The workflow developed by Cygnusmind adapts to different work styles and adapts to the needs of each editorial team.

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