Collaborative Open Access (COA)

A new model of sustainable open access platform

Why do XML  marking alone, when you can have a complete scheme with the latest technology,

visibility and an economic return at the same cost

Range of products and services designed to strengthen the academic publishing labor. This is a solution for sustainability and visibility of scientific journals that includes XML marking, generation of online reading products, as well as generation of portable reading products and their exhibition and commercialization.

Basis: XML marking

OA Product: CygnusMind HTMLCygnusMind IAR

Support Products: CygnusMind PDF CygnusMind ePUB

Our two options:

  1. Own design (the original design of the journal can be recovered).
  2. Custom generic design: a guide to create and set the color lines, logos, and name of the publishing institution is included.

COA is composed of three basic modules of technological solutions: XML marking, generation of online open access reading formats and marketing of portable reading formats.

Let us explain this to you:


  1. Set up XML JATS marking in your articles allowing them to be globally shared into a technological and scientific level.
  2. Generates online reading products: CygnusMind HTML and CygnusMind  IAR (Intelligent Adaptative Reade) to offer complete contents in open access in the main website of journal. With this option, you can have better visibility for digital reading platforms and online translators.
  3. Lastly, CygnusMind generates portable products as a value-added, which are distributed into an academic business platform in return for a small grant.

The Publisher

  1. She/He pays only for XML JAST marking
  2. She/He obtains files under XML JATS marking, plus 1 or 2 online reading products (CygnusMind IAR or CygnusMind HTML) allowing to post them in her/his main website in order to make the content opened.
  3. The CygnusMind ePUB and CygnusMind PDF products will be created immediately in order to offer for sale for readers and academics community as a support mechanism for journals while obtaining added value: portability and off-line reading.

Based on the selling records’ article, the cost of this one will be paid to CygnusMind. Once covered this cost, the income per article will be transferred to the journal with a low fee for use of the platform.

In no case will articles in portable formats cause a cost to the journal, and always the journal or, where applicable, the author, they retain the rights to it.

The XML JATS marking comply with the applicable standard required by the main regional databases.

This technological advantage gives the greatest visibility to web search engines and indexers.

The generation and publication online with CygnusMind HTML or CygnusMind IAR allow you to meet the requirements of Open Access.

The distribution of your articles as portable reading products, in exchange for an economic collaboration of the reader community allowing them to download, offers a way of economic recovery.

No need to charge for publishing.

Ask for our customized solutions for each journal with the COA scheme.

Our consultants will solve all your doubts and design a customized solution with every benefit paid for a fair investment.

Get your journal to the top level!

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