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We are specialist in creating technology for intelligent visualization of scientific and academic information, optimizing communication processes in public and private institutions, publishing houses, government agencies focus on the transmission of knowledge.

Intelligent Reading
The Digital Native Journal
The DNA of scientific articles
Management Editorial System
The technological platform for sharing academic, scientific and government information
Organization of Information for making decisions and institutional goal fulfillment
Take advantage of consoling in a highly changing environment
Consultancy and Services in Digital Publishing for scitiennfic literature
A new sustainable open access model
Why is it important to transform a journal into a Native Digital Journal?

“The Digital Native Journal develops multiple benefits into the digital world manifesting, transforming and producing itself for come decades. The World Wide Web is not just its medium of diffusion, but its backbone that holds the micro-system of scientific communication which represents every publishing; the hypertext becomes in its language for excellence.” (CygnusMind)


Who we are?

CygnusMind is a brand by Hermes Data, SA de CV, who provides an identity in the gamma of the products and services for scientific communication.

Hermes Data, SA de CV, is a company with an international dimension that distinguishes itself by bringing to the technological vanguard publishing and scientific communication processes. More than ten years of experience support us, as well as recognized institutions, universities and scientific journals from different countries that have trusted in our products and services.


In CygnusMind we are convinced that academic institutions are the best author of scientific publications. We know that technological, positioning, and professionalization requirements towards journals, Publishers and authors have generated the need to hire external professionals.

CygnusMind looks for be source and support for academies sharing what it does best to potentialize new publishing projects and improve scientific communication in fair price. In that manner, the editorial task will depend on academy people.



To create technology for the development of intelligent solutions that allow an effective transmission of scientific and academic knowledge.

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Professional quality
We possess internationals standards at JATS/BITS (ANSI/NISO Z39.92), W3C, CSS, XHTML, JS, HTML.
The technology at the publishing service
We create new technologies decoding the universe of science giving benefits to humanity.
A international company
Effective solutions with the latest technology in your hands.
A team of experts at your services
We offer a vast publishing experience and knowledge in scientific communication.
Our clients support us

I am the chief in editor at Conciencia Tecnológica Journal, and I’ve been pleased with CygnusMind’s labor. My experience with them has been gratifying, both for the human dimension, people who are attentive and willing to help, and for the technical and professional part. I am pleased to have the support and services of CygnusMind, which has allowed us to continue our editorial work.
Elizabeth Obregón Barbosa

Instituto Tecnológico de Aguascalientes
In CynusMInd we have found a great partner for enhance our journal. The technology it offers us is paralleled in functionality and comfort for our readers.
Editorial Team

Universitas Psychologica, PUJ, Colombia
Through a cooperative work with CygnusMind, we have updated the entire platform of our journals. We achieved our XML documents and we succeeded in reaffirming ourselves as an important academic university publisher in our region.
Favio Andrés Flórez C.

Main coordinator of scientific journals at Publishing House of Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
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The Native Digital Journal
A journal is native digital when has a solid concept, a design, and a conception purely from the beginning in the digital realm, it never interferes the role and logic of the printed matter.
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XML: The DNA of scientific articles
What does XML mean? Since the emerge of Internet we have heard about a language of information which can be read easily by machines: the XML format. But what is XML meaning of?
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The Digital Publication is not only a PDF
The digital journal could only have success if its PDF’s stand out in their domains, with the purpose of think about the enormous possibilities offered currently by digital world
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ePUB: The native digital format which scientific journals ignore
The standard tagging scientific articles in JATS such as well as XML allow to generate automatically the articles in ePUB format.
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